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Hip Replacement Cost Without Insurance

Most Common Reasons For Hip Replacement

Medicare Hip Replacement Cost?

Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint. The femoral head, at the top of the thigh bone, forms the ball portion. The socket is a section of your pelvis called the acetabulum. A healthy hip joint gives you the ability to move forward, backward, side-to-side, and rotate.

When either through a disease process or trauma, your hip joint stops functioning correctly, you may need hip arthroplasty, also called hip replacement surgery. Some of the most common causes of hip joint dysfunction include:

What Is The Average Age Of A Person Getting A Hip Replacement

Generally, most hip replacement surgeries occur between the ages of 50 and 80. It’s easy to conclude that it’s best to get hip surgery as early as possible, but that’s not always the right decision. Of course, if the replacement surgery is due to a traumatic injury or deformity, then there is no choice to wait.

How To Pay For Surgery Without Insurance

Patients should not have to fret about paying for surgery without insurance, given many viable options. Yet, it still happens.

Everyone can get affordable coverage that pays for preexisting conditions with no waiting period, but the timing is significant. Many patients can get immediate coverage to address emergencies, while others may have to delay until January for a new plan to kick in.

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Paying For A Hip Replacement Yourself

If you dont have insurance and will be paying for your hip replacement, do your homework. The cost of a hip replacement varies across the country and from hospital to hospital. The average national price for a hip replacement in 2020 was over $39,000 including the cost of the implant. Under traditional Medicare you would be responsible for your annual deductible plus the 20% copayment which would likely be covered by a Medicare supplement policy.

Your choice of hospital is the biggest factor in the cost of your hip replacement. There can be a 10-fold variance in price estimates from hospital to hospital. When you compare these prices, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Find out if the price is for a complete bundle of all services or if it only includes certain fees. You need to know what your total cost will be and not just the hospital fee.

When pricing your surgery, make sure both the hospital and doctor know you are a self-paying patient. Many providers offer a discount for people who are paying for their own healthcare. But you have to ask for it because they usually dont tell you this upfront. Find out if you can finance the cost or break your payments into chunks. You can also use FSA, HSA and HRA funds to help pay for surgery.

How Much Does A Hip Replacement Surgery Cost Near Me

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Low-priced hip replacement could be the ideal solution for hip surgery seekers who finance the procedure out of their pockets. Since there is extreme cost variation in hip replacement surgeries across the US, Blue Cross Blue Shield AssociationA Study of Cost Variations for Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries in the USBlue Cross Blue Shield, The Health of America Report analyzed cost variation across the Blue System and confirmed the prevalence of wide price disparities for knee and hip replacement surgeries within and between marketsView in Article research and cost-benefit analysis are very important.

For instance, the providers within the same network can charge different prices for the same services. Hence, when you get the price estimate for hip surgery, ask your provider the below questions.

What are the Questions to Ask Related to Hip Replacement Surgery Cost?

  • Does the treatment estimate include surgeons fees, consumables, and room charges?
  • Does the cost of surgery include the cost of implants?
  • How many physiotherapy sessions are added to the treatment package?
  • Is there a possibility of additional charges I might incur on the procedure?
  • After getting the hip surgery cost, shop around to ensure you get the best price for quality care. Here are some points to note when you shop around for the least expensive total hip replacement:

    • Location of the hospital
    • The latest technology and equipment
    • Team of doctors and surgeons
    • Safety standards

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    What Tiers Of Health Insurance Cover Hip Replacements

    Joint replacements are only covered as a minimum requirement on Gold hospital policies, according to However, this clinical category may also be included as an optional level of cover on Silver and Bronze policies. Where that is the case, the policy becomes a Silver Plus or Bronze Plus policy as the provider is offering cover beyond the minimum requirements of those tiers. Providers also have the option of including cover for joint replacements on their Basic hospital policies but on a restricted basis. According to, this means the policyholder would be partially covered for hospital costs as a private patient in a public hospital but may incur significant expenses in a private room or private hospital. It recommends checking with your insurer and hospital for details of what your policy will and will not cover.

    Remember that while cover for joint replacements may be covered on a private health insurance hospital policy, excesses, cover limits, and maximum payable benefits may vary significantly by policy and product tier. Its important to read the policy documents carefully and compare policies to help ensure youre getting a level of cover that is suitable for your situation.

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    Hip Replacement Cost In India

    India has been an alternative medical tourism destination for recent years with the increase in health investments. In 2017, the number of arrivals was 495,056 which is more than doubled by 2016. India’s medical tourism industry is expected to increase by 200% by 2020, hitting $9 billion, according to Ministry of Tourism figures. While the expectations are like this, you will be very warmly welcomed for sure. For your hip replacement treatment, you may get an offer starts from 5,000 from the clinics of India, which is much more affordable than the prices in Europe and the USA. You may also think to undergo your hip replacement surgery in Pakistan, the neighboring country of India, with a relatively more acceptable price.

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    The Public Health System

    The NSW public hospital system offers an excellent service, however there are often long waits for consultation and surgery. Treatment at John Hunter Hospital through the Orthopaedic Clinics is entirely cost free. Dr Young personally supervises every hip and knee replacement performed under his care and is scrubbed in during the operation. In the public hospital system Dr Young performs the operation or he assists a trainee surgeon to do the operation.

    Is A Total Hip Replacement Painful

    4 ways to avoid hip replacement surgery | BMI Healthcare

    The level of pain varies depending on the type of hip replacement procedure you undergo and your own personal pain tolerance. There are generally two types of approaches to hip replacements: minimally invasive and open surgery. During both procedures, patients will be under anesthesia. Minimally invasive procedures involve smaller incisions and cause less damage to muscles and tissue. The recovery time and pain associated with this procedure are much less than with traditional open surgery. Since open surgeries require larger incisions, the level of pain and recovery time are a bit greater.

    But remember, while some swelling and pain are normal after a hip replacement, you should inform your doctor if you consistently feel moderate to intense pain to ensure that there are no post-surgery complications.

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    What Other Costs Should I Worry About

    After you are discharged from the hospital, you will still need to be vigilant in caring for your new knee. You will likely be prescribed medications for pain and to reduce the risk of infection and blood clots. It is also very common to need physical therapy or rehabilitation after surgery, which can be costly depending on your coverage. Always consult with your doctor and insurance provider to make sure you know exactly what coverage you have before your surgery.

    Hip Replacement Cost Around The World

    Hip replacement surgery is a major procedure in which a surgeon removes a painful hip joint and changes it with an artificial joint usually made from metal and plastic components. This procedure is generally recommended if all other treatment options have failed to relieve the pain and increase the mobility. Hip replacement procedures, either partial or total, are becoming a more and more popular means of dealing with the pain caused by osteoarthritis and other afflictions. But how much does a hip replacement cost?

    Prices vary wildly from country to country and a hip replacement in the USA can set you back as much as $60.000 or 53.000. Mind you this is the average price in New York the same procedure in Alabama would cost around 15.000. For patients without health insurance, a total hip replacement usually will cost of $40,000 on average in the USA. You might ask Are there any alternatives? Of course! Lets take a look at hip replacement surgery prices

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    What Can I Expect From A Hip Replacement Procedure

    Before a hip replacement procedure, you will receive instruction from your physician on how to get ready for the surgery. This may include temporarily pausing certain supplements or medications, losing weight before surgery, or dietary restrictions 24 hours before surgery.

    The actual procedure normally takes a few hours, and you may be able to go home on the day of surgery or a few days after.

    What Should Be Included In The Cost

    Hip Fractures Archives

    Prior to surgery, your orthopedic surgeon should carry out an evaluation of your knees present strength and range of motion, and make the determination of whether total knee replacement surgery is the best course of action.

    If your surgeon decides to proceed with the operation, there are a number of services that should be included in the cost. Anesthesia, perhaps the most important part of any surgical procedure, is included in the cost at almost every hospital. For total knee replacement, general or epidural anesthesia is usually required.

    While you are under anesthesia, the orthopedic surgeon will remove your damaged bone and cartilage, and insert artificial joint surfaces made of plastic and metal. The cost of the knee replacement device itself will also be included in the total cost of your surgery. There are a number of different knee replacement device manufacturers, with different products used depending on the hospital and your particular condition. Two of the more common device manufacturers are Zimmer and Stryker.

    After surgery, you will be required to stay in the hospital for several days for initial recovery from your knee replacement. Your hospital bill may or may not include the cost of preliminary physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions.

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    Finding A Fair Price For Your Hip Replacement

    The average cost for hip replacement surgery in the U.S. is $39,880, but you may be able to pay much less for your procedure. New Choice Healths Orthopedic Surgery Assistance program can help you find financing options and discounted pricing that could lower the total cost of your hip replacement surgery to $24,550.

    Will I Walk Normal Again After Hip Replacement

    Most hip replacement patients are able to walk within the same day or next day of surgery most can resume normal routine activities within the first 3 to 6 weeks of their total hip replacement recovery. Once light activity becomes possible, it’s important to incorporate healthy exercise into your recovery program.

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    Hip Replacement Cost By Country

    Hip replacement, either total or partial, is becoming a more popular procedure as a means of dealing with the pain caused by osteoarthritis and other injuries or joint wear. Around 959,000 hip replacements are performed globally every year, where 67% of the patients are over 65 years, 57% are female, and 43 are male.

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons states that most patients who undergo hip surgery “experience a dramatic reduction of hip pain and a significant improvement in their ability to perform common activities of daily living.

    But how much does a hip replacement cost? Heres an overview of hip replacement cost by country in 14 selected countries:

    Questions To Ask Before Financing

    Hip & Knee replacement of 60 yr old patient from New Zealand

    Before you finance your surgery, ask these important questions of the lender and of yourself:

    • How long will you have to repay the loan?
    • What will the payments be on the debt?
    • Will you be able to manage the payments or will you be struggling to pay your bills on time?
    • Will you be paying your credit cards off forever because you will be unable to make a payment larger than the minimum?
    • What will you do if the cost of surgery is higher than estimated by your surgeon?
    • Will you be driven into bankruptcy if the cost, and therefore the payments, are underestimated?
    • Will you be able to afford the prescription medication you require after surgery if you are paying your credit card bill?
    • Will you be unable to save for your future needs if you are paying for your surgery?

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    Hip Replacement Cost In Poland 5000

    Poland is a relatively new medical tourism destination, and a hip replacement in Poland will set you back just 5,000 less than half of what it costs in the UK. Poland has a few reputable hospitals in Warsaw, and health groups are making progress by continuously improving their medical infrastructure.

    Where Your Surgery Is Done

    Whether you get your surgery done at an inpatient or outpatient facility will affect the cost you pay. Additionally, your location will also play a role in the price.

    Inpatient vs. Outpatient Care

    Inpatient care, such as hospitals, is primarily used in cases of complex surgeries and some routine ones, serious illnesses, or medical issues that require substantial monitoring. Outpatient care, such as a doctor’s office, is used for X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and other types of imaging, lab tests, mammograms, and minor procedures.

    A study shows that outpatient procedures are significantly less expensive when compared to inpatient procedures. Outpatient procedures averaged $3,800 per patient, while the inpatient facility charge was 350% more expensive at $13,200 per patient . There was no difference between the inpatient and outpatient groups in terms of complications or readmissions.


    The cost will also be dependent on your general location, such as state and city. Across different metro areas, there can be up to a 25-fold variation in prices of the same surgery or procedure:

    • The median price for C-sections in San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA was nearly 4.5 times that in Knoxville, TN .
    • A standard blood test in Beaumont, TX costs nearly 25 times more than the same test in Toledo, OH .
    • Established patient office visits had median prices three times larger in Anchorage, AK than in Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL .

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    Hip Replacement Cost In Ireland 15500

    A hip replacement procedure in Ireland is, surprisingly, more expensive than one in the UK at around 15,500, but you may have a price a bit cheaper price offer in the Northern Ireland which starts from 10,000. Ireland does have an advanced medical infrastructure and perhaps, some of the best-paid doctors in Europe, so the overall price is no surprise.

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    What To Expect Before During And After Your Hip Replacement

    Hip Replacement Surgery Without Insurance

    Planning for hip replacement surgery begins weeks or months before your surgery date. This allows time to identify and address any risk factors, adjust medications as needed, and design and manufacture any custom prosthesis.


    • Make plans for an inpatienthospital stay lasting 2-3 days.
    • Complete your outpatient lab work, radiology tests, and anesthesia consultation.
    • Complete pre-authorization with your insurance company.
    • Finalize pre-admission paperwork, submit a surgical plan to your health insurance company, and pay any up-front out-of-pocket costs like your deductible and copay.

    Day of your surgical procedure:

    • Arrive at the hospital for admission.
    • Get prepped for surgery.
    • A member of your surgical team will ask you to verify your identity, the surgery you are having, and the name of the doctor, and theyll mark the surgical site.
    • Receive any pre-op meds before going into the operating room.

    Total hip replacement surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. After surgery, you will go to the post-anesthesia care unit , also called the recovery room.

    Hospital course:

    During the first 12 to 24 hours, the focus will be on pain management, wound care, and activity. A continuous passive motion machine will keep your joint moving to maintain your range of motion. Before discharge, youll need to demonstrate bowel and bladder function and your ability to walk with help.

    Post-hospital course:

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    Hip Replacement Cost In South Africa

    South Africa has been one of the popular health tourism locations, statistics showing that in 2012, nearly 350,000 tourists from all around Africa traveled to South Africa for their medical treatments. You may have your hip replacement surgery in the hospitals accredited by the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa , or the International Society for Quality in Healthcare in the big cities of South Africa such as Cape Town or Johannesburg with a cost around 6,500.

    How Much Does A Hip Replacement Cost

    Nick Versaw

    If youre among the 30-40% of Americans over 60 who have chronic hip pain and are considering hip replacement surgery, youre not alone. Each year, about 300,000 patients have hip replacement surgeries.

    According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, most patients who have hip surgery experience a dramatic reduction of hip pain and a significant improvement in their ability to perform common activities of daily living.

    But to determine whether joint replacement surgery is for you, theres a lot to consider, such as the reasons behind your hip pain, surgery options, course of treatment, and hip replacement cost.

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